Monday, December 31, 2012

Glitter nail polish For a shiny New year's eve!

 It's new years eve tonight, and for one we are really going out! So I needed some glitter. Luckily, I got this Ciate glitter nail polish last week at a Fashest event. 
So weather you prefer it simple or messy, all that matters is to glitter yourself tonight!
I found this fun tutorial at Dit&O

Glitter it simple
Apply two or three coats of nail polish to get the glitter affect

Glitter away!
Ombre glitter nail polish
You'll need: any base color of nail polish you like, Essie's top coat , and craft glitter
1. Apply one thin coat of the base color on your left hand, I used Essie's Licorice. 

2. Apply a second coat and with your right hand pinch some glitter and sprinkle it from the base of the nail up. You want the glitter to be heavier at the base and more sprinkled at the top.
3. Let nails dry, and finish with a top coat. Dress up and go celebrate!
   Happy 2013! 

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