Friday, September 30, 2011

New glasses!

Yes, I fell for Groupon too.. they had the most attractive offer that I couldn't ignore.. 85 Shekels for a 500 shekel coupon in a new glasses store in Tel Aviv.. 
I bought two.
 The first pair is Laura Biagiotti's and the second is Gant's GRS SETH sunglasses.. 

Happy Jewish new year!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My instagram vacation

In these last few weeks I discovered Instagram, it's an I phone app that make you life look amazing.. So this is my Instagram Greece vacation 

 dress / H&M (got it from Poli)
shoes / Kartell

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Espadrille154's first birthday!

This month we are celebrating one year to our blog! 
Avigail my sister, and I always wanted to have a fashion blog, a place where we could show and write about things we love. 
A year ago, we were both sitting on a couch in Paris and thought about a name for this imaginary blog we so wanted to own. We agreed about Espadrille154, but we had a small issue, we were too shy to write anything. In the same evening we went walking on Paris streets and met the one and only Karl Lagerfeld (AKA karli karl in our house) That was a sign from god, yes, from god, that he wanted us to do it!
 so we did ! and here we are, a year and 72 posts later, and a lot has changed, first, we've met the cool Sagie Schwartz, our amazing photographer, that makes us look beautiful.. and became a really good friend. (and we really wish he could be there when when we met Karli Karl to take pictures...), I finished my bachelor in Industrial design, Avigail finished her second year, and is now in New York city, having the time of her life, and we couldn't be happier!
So I want to dedicate this post to Avigail who is far away but still cares about our baby blog, to Karl Lagerfeld for being such a good friend and to Sagie. for being Sagie.

Last but not least we want to thank you all for reading, commenting and liking, we love seeing you here, and hope you'll stay with us for many more posts and birthdays!


Yael, Avigail and Karl.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I didn't realize how much I needed a vacation until we got to Greece.. In one word : heaven. beach and good food all day.. living in Jerusalem I wasn't really in a need of beach wear for to long, so I packed all of it, made some hair bands, and went swimming!

Photos by Nimrod
sandals / Plastelina
hairband / an old Pull and Bear belt
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