Friday, November 18, 2011

Cute little shoes

Photos by Aya Vind for Zamsh

Every winter I find myself looking for new shoes, when I say winter, I mean Israeli winter that resembles more a European autumn... So after a few years of looking for the same thing I got pretty good at knowing what I want. It has to be leather, has to be flat, brown or black, and of course has to have shoelaces (I have a thing with shoelaces). Last winter I bought two pairs, a Topshop black one that I keep wearing this winter and a Republic one, that by now, has to go see a cobbler. This year I am still looking for the right pair to spend this winter with me. Well, these are two good candidates, and both are made in Israel (you know how much we like that).
 So what do you say? The first? the second? or maybe both?

Shoes / Zamsh

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