Wednesday, August 10, 2011

0 2 1 my final project!

 This is it, after four years of learning new things, meeting amazing people, not much sleep, and a bit of crying :) I finished school. This is my final project at the Industrial Design department at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. I hope you'll enjoy it!


In this project I explored the points of transition between the two
 and the three-dimensional, between raw material and finished
 product. The concept is a new interpretation of the contemporary
 fashion-consumption experience. In this series I tried to reconstruct
 the experience of having a garment tailor-made, including fabric
 and pattern selection − but without the need for meticulous fitting.
 The person chooses a round bolt of fabric that fits itself to his/her
body in a variety of ways.


Clara Turbay said...

Grreat ideas, so creative.

check out my blog.

Angela said...

Les looks sont supers!
Angela Donava

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